Identity, Culture, Metacognition: Tools and Themes for the First-Year Seminar

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2019
Massachusetts, United States
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Humanities, Teaching and Learning

This proposed seminar session is to be held at the 2020 Northeast Modern Language Association annual meeting in Boston, MA, 5-8 March 2020. It seeks to foster a robust research-informed conversation among five to ten teacher-scholars in any discipline. The topic is teaching undergraduate students in a first-year seminar (or similar curricular offering), employing identity, culture and/or metacognition as thematic content and/or instructional strategies. Successful candidates will submit a an abstract proposing a substantive, research-informed, thesis-driven paper that seeks to promote consequential, transformative learning. Teachers do not always tap the full potential of first-year-seminar-style courses because they focus primarily on the most obvious purpose of such courses, discipline-centered knowledge transfer and academic skills development. How can a focus on identity, culture, metacognition help us do far more more than teach academic skills and qualifications?

This session will center on pedagogical visions or teaching practices in actual or imagined first-year seminar courses -- employing the concepts of culture, identity, and metacognition as academic content and/or as instructional approaches that seek to fulfill a complex and robust set of educational goals beyond disciplinary knowledge and competencies. Please submit an abstract of 300 to 500 words describing your proposed seminar paper of at least 1200 words but not significantly longer than 4000 words (approximately 3 to 13 pages, exclusive of references). The deadline for abstract submission is 30 September 2019

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NB: A cogent, complete draft paper should be submitted by 20 January 2020, to be shared with all seminar participants. All participants are expected to read each other’s papers in preparation for the session. When you submit your abstract, please include a statement acknowledging these obligations and articulating a commitment to fulfill them.

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