International Workshop on Big Data in Culture, Design and Heritage

Mayurakshi Chaudhuri Announcement
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Historic Preservation, Social Sciences
 We are very pleased to organise the first international workshop on Big Data in Culture, Design, and Heritage, September 11-13, National University of Singapore, Singapore. This workshop is part of the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (September 11-13, 2019, Singapore). The workshop will address applications of Big Data in digital culture, design, and heritage. The conceptual premise of the workshop is based on an emerging and increasingly significant field of interdisciplinary inquiry popularly known as Digital Humanities, which examines use and application of digital technologies in humanities, the liberal arts, social science scholarship, and beyond. However, while the use of computational tools in social science and humanities work is not very new, the availability of a large body of cultural artifacts after the digital turn, as well as emergence of new kinds of digital objects and embodiments, has opened up several possibilities for social science and humanities research, practice and pedagogy using computational approaches. This workshop aims to capture this emerging moment and focus on one unavoidable aspect of ‘digital’ research in culture, design, and heritage: Big Data. As is commonly understood, the nature of ‘bigness’ in Big Data is not one of size, but because of its nature as networked data, often exemplified by intricate systems of rich information from heterogeneous data sources such as Social Networks, Digital Libraries, and Multimedia Collections and Archives, etc. which influence and often enhance users’ experience. The workshop aims to highlight challenges and opportunities that such large scale multimodal data analytics brings to the community in these areas. The workshop will bring together researchers from the qualitative and quantitative domains on a common platform and facilitate in answering key interdisciplinary research questions. The following links contain important information about the workshop. Please share them with your networks and with anyone who may be interested in contributing to the workshop. Call for Papers: Author Instructions: Link: The submission link for authors is linked with the main conference webpage. When authors upload their papers, they will have to select their track as BD-CDH19: The 1st International Workshop on Big Data in Culture, Design and Heritage.  
Submission deadlineJuly 15, 2019
Notification of Paper AcceptanceJuly 26, 2019
Workshop Registration DeadlineJuly 31, 2019


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Dr. Mayurakshi Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

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