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September 2, 2020 to September 5, 2020
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Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Local History, Modern European History / Studies, Political Science, Urban History / Studies

Dear All,

We are happy to let you know that the CFP for the special session that will take place at the 15th International Conference held by European Association for Urban History. The conference is organized around the general theme of “Cities in Motion” and will be held in University of Antwerp, from 2nd to 5th September 2020.

Our Sessions is S-MOV-2, Ways Of Being Mediterranean: Cities and Stories Along Mediterranean Mobililties

Spokesperson: Sezgi  Durgun Özkan, Marmara University

Co-organizer(s): Neslişah Başaran Lotz, Işık University | Zuhal Mert Uzuner, Marmara University

Keywords: Mediterreanean | Mobility | Cities and stories

Here is our short abstract:

This session aims looking at different ways of “being Mediterranean” in the context of different Mediterranean cities, relaying primarily on stories of migration and embracing the issues of attachment, displacement, relocation of persons and families. The aim is to shed light on the political history of Mediterranean cities through the lenses of life stories in an urban setting.

Session content:

The Mediterranean region reserves rich possibilities of research that encapsulates many important aspects of world history; connections, disconnections or reconnections between societies/cultures through space, religion, empires, colonization and resistance as well as movements of the people.  Particularly, studies focusing on the interaction between Mediterranean cities through the human agency may enable us better understanding what “makes” the Mediterranean what it is.Methodologically speaking this session will focus on micro identities that represent certain cases, stories or narratives that are seen as the crystallization of a given time and space under specific conditions. Hence these stories are important to understand the structural processes from the angle of the individual perspectives.

Possible Themes of Discussion:

  • Human mobility within the Mediterranean region
  • The interaction of religious and philosophical traditions
  • Stories crossing the issues of modernism, orientalism, occidentalism
  • Coexistence and conflict of cultures in Cities
  • Mediterranean Limbo Between East and West
  • The formation of Multi-cultural or Cross-cultural cities
  • The Encounter of Empires: Stories of resistance to colonization
  • The Mobility caused by Decolonization
  • The Role of the Merchants in the Formation and Reformation of the “Mediterranean”
  • Neoliberal Conception of Urban Space in Mediterranean Cities: Cities And Stories As Trademarks


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Sezgi Durgun Özkan (Marmara University İstanbul)

Anadolu Hisarı Kampüs, Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi Beykoz


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