Faculty Job Market Conference -- Online

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September 21, 2019
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Anthropology, Communication, Digital Humanities, Economic History / Studies, Humanities

Beyond the Professoriate seeks presenters to be part of panels at our upcoming online “Faculty Job Market Conference.” Beyond the Professoriate is a mission-driven organization that helps PhDs and graduate students forge meaningful careers.

The conference is held online September 21-28, and will prepare graduate students and PhDs to succeed on the academic job market. The academic job market is more competitive than ever, and too many grad students and PhDs are not finding the support they need.

From our experience, graduate students and recent PhDs need to hear from people like you about the academic job market and their future careers.

Help us help them feel more confident and prepared for this challenge.

As a presenter at the “Faculty Job Market Conference” you will:

    • Help graduate students who may not have the resources or support they need to go on the academic job market.
    • Spend just 20 minutes sharing your experiences via video interview.
    • Share what it is like to be at an R1, teaching, or comprehensive institution.
    • Provide advice to new grad students on the job market.

The conference is hosted online (Zoom webinar technology); no travel required. Access to the online webinar is easy--you'll receive a link by email to access the conference on the day of, and we'll provide any technical support to help you become familiar with the webinar technology. We anticipate each panel to be made up of 3-4 presenters.

To sign up or learn more, please fill out the following form by July 15, 2019: https://beyondprof.com/get-involved/be-a-professor/. Or email us your contact information directly at maren@beyondprof.com.

Co-founded by L. Maren Wood, PhD and Jennifer Polk, PhD, Beyond the Professoriate provides career education and professional development to individual graduate students and PhDs, and partners with educational institutions to prepare the next generation of scholars for careers in academia and beyond.

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Please contact our co-founder, L. Maren Wood, directly at maren@beyondprof.com.

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