H-Net reviews posted to the web 03 June 2019 - 10 June 2019

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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
03 Jun 2019 and 10 Jun 2019.

Reviewed for H-War by Joseph Frechette
   Haldon, John.  _Empire That Would Not Die: The Paradox of Eastern
   Roman Survival, 640-740, The_.  Carl Newell Jackson Lectures
   Series. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016.  432 pp.
   $45.00, ISBN 978-0-674-08877-1.

Reviewed for H-War by Mara Kozelsky
   O'Neill, Kelly.  _Claiming Crimea: A History of Catherine the
   Great's Southern Empire_.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017.
   384 pp.  $65.00, ISBN 978-0-300-21829-9.

Reviewed for H-Albion by David Wykes
   Stevens, Ralph.  _Protestant Pluralism: The Reception of the
   Toleration Act, 1689-1720_.  Studies in Modern British Religious
   History Series. Rochester: Boydell Press, 2018.  220 pp.  $115.00,
   ISBN 978-1-78327-329-4.

Reviewed for H-Disability by Patricia Clark
   Laes, Christian, ed,.  _Disability in Antiquity_.  Abingdon:
   Routledge, 2016.  xvi + 490 pp.  $240.00, ISBN 978-1-138-81485-1.

Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Marjorie Harrington
   McCann, Daniel.  _Soul-Health: Therapeutic Reading in Later
   Medieval England_.  Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages
   Series. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2018.  272 pp.
   $96.00, ISBN 978-1-78683-332-7.

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Ilan Ehrlich
   Guerra, Lillian.  _Heroes, Martyrs, and Political Messiahs in
   Revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1958_.  New Haven: Yale University Press,
   2018.  370 pp.  $40.00, ISBN 978-0-300-17553-0.

Reviewed for H-War by Lewis Bernstein
   Judge, Sean M..  _Turn of the Tide in the Pacific War: Strategic
   Initiative, Intelligence, and Command, 1941-1943, The_.  Edited by
   Jonathan M. House. Modern War Studies Series. Lawrence: University
   Press of Kansas, 2018.  296 pp.  $34.95, ISBN 978-0-7006-2598-7.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Andrew Cottey
   Badalassi, Nicolas; Snyder, Sarah B., eds..  _CSCE and the End of
   the Cold War: Diplomacy, Societies and Human Rights, 1972-1990,
   The_.  New York: Berghahn Books, 2019.  380 pp.  $130.00, ISBN 978-

Reviewed for H-FedHist by Kevin Slack
   Gish, Dustin; Klinghard, Daniel.  _Thomas Jefferson and the
   Science of Republican Government: A Political Biography of Notes
   on the State of Virginia_.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
   2017.  348 pp.  $99.99, ISBN 978-1-107-15736-1.

Reviewed for H-Buddhism by Erik Hammerstrom
   Nathan, Mark A..  _From the Mountains to the Cities: A History of
   Buddhist Propagation in Modern Korea_.  Honolulu: University of
   Hawaii Press, 2018.  206 pp.  $62.00, ISBN 978-0-8248-7261-8.

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Amber N. Nickell
   Zipperstein, Steven J..  _Pogrom: Kishinev and the Tilt of
   History_.  New York: Liveright, 2018.  288 pp.  $27.95, ISBN 978-1-

Reviewed for H-CivWar by Andrew Baker
   Silber, Nina.  _This War Ain't Over: Fighting the Civil War in New
   Deal America_.  Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press,
   2018.  248 pp.  $32.95, ISBN 978-1-4696-4654-1.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Christine Sixta Rinehart
   Walsh, James Igoe; Schulzke, Marcus.  _Drones and Support for the
   Use of Force_.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2018.
   252 pp.  $75.00, ISBN 978-0-472-13101-3.

Reviewed for H-California by Erik Loomis
   Cole, Peter.  _Dockworker Power: Race and Activism in Durban and
   the San Francisco Bay Area_.  Working Class in American History
   Series. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2018.  310 pp.
   $35.00, ISBN 978-0-252-08376-1.

Reviewed for H-FedHist by Michael H. Taint
   Hogeland, William.  _Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of
   the U.S. Army and the Invasion that Opened the West_.  New York:
   Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2017.  464 pp.  $28.00, ISBN 978-0-374-

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Shira Klein
   Levis Sullam, Simon.  _Italian Executioners: The Genocide of the
   Jews of Italy, The_.  Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2018.
   208 pp.  $26.95, ISBN 978-0-691-17905-6.

Reviewed for H-Music by James Garratt
   Fuchs, Ingrid, ed..  _Musikfreunde: Träger der Musikkultur in der
   ersten Hälfe des 19. Jahrhunderts_.  Kassel: Baerenreiter-Verlag,
   2017.  523 pp.  EUR 59.95, ISBN 978-3-7618-2404-7.