International Conference on the Trends of Far-Right Politics in Contemporary Era

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November 20, 2019
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Nationalism History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology

The Department of Political Science GC University Lahore Pakistan and Center of Excellence China Studies are jointly organizing their seventh consecutive International Conference in November this year. The title of the two days conference is “The trends of Far-Right Politics in contemporary era”.

The conference aims to bring academic scholars on a platform to discuss and investigate the rise of a new Far Right tendency that has plagued global politics in 21st century. With Donald Trump sworn in as the President of United States in possibly one of the most eventful elections, as well as United Kingdom voting to leave European Union in one the most historic referendums, it is not difficult to fathom that global politics in contemporary era is now marked by Nativism, Populism and a radical shift towards ultra-nationalism. The revival of hate and supremacist groups emboldened by the mainstreaming of far-right in different countries has posed grave threats to Democracy and Liberalism in 21st century.

The reverberations of populism, xenophobia and ultra nationalist politics can be felt in post-colonial states like India and Pakistan where populist governments have been at the forefront of political chessboard, heralding a new era of politics which is dominated primarily by the exclusion of “Other”. These sentiments of political exclusion and conservatism now form a core principle in Global Politics spreading from Latin America to mainland Europe and Asia. Quite contrary to what was heralded in post-cold war era– that the major contradiction of Hegelian Dialectics has now been resolved in favor and complete victory of liberal order, events turned out the exact opposite. The Fukuyamaian understanding of History needs a new and more in depth understanding and deliberation so as to make sense of its stark errors. Perhaps the notion of “End of History” is delayed by the imminent contradictions of the present chaotic world.

At this critical juncture where global politics is dominated by hate rather than integration, where demagoguery has replaced facts, where xenophobia, Tribalism and authoritarianism have replaced core human values, where Democracy is facing grave threats from authoritarian political trends, it is immensely important to deliberate on the crucial questions pertaining to Climate Change, Gender Politics, immigration and the future of Democracy in a deeply polarized world.

Scholars and researchers having the same area of interest can send their submissions (Abstracts) on following key themes/Areas.

  •  Theoretical Underpinnings of Far-Right Politics
  • Emergence of Alt-Right and Supremacist groups
  • Challenges to Gender politics from Far Right
  • Immigration and Far Right Politics
  • Climate Change and Far right politics
  • Future of Democracy and Liberalism in 21st Century
  • Ethno-Nationalism, Populism and Social Movements in Contemporary world
Important Deadlines

Call for paper: 1st May, 2019

Last date for the submission of Abstracts: 30th June 2019

Intimation of the acceptance of Abstracts: 15th July 2019

Submission of final papers: 15th October 2019

Submission of Multimedia presentations: 5th November 2019

Please send your abstracts comprising of 250-300 words to


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