Moving the Social 61 (2019): "Small Worlds: Football at the Grassroots in Europe" published

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Cultural History / Studies, Local History, Social History / Studies, Sport History / Studies

The Institute for Social Movements of Ruhr University Bochum is pleased to announce the launch of the latest issue of its journal Moving the Social - Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements.

The thematic issue 61 (2019) on "Small Worlds: Football at the Grassroots in Europe" contains the following articles:

  • Kristian Naglo, Jürgen Mittag, Dilwyn Porter: Defining, Interpreting and Comparing Small Worlds of Football. An Introduction to the Aims and Objectives of this Special Issue
  • Dilwyn Porter: Researching the History of Grassroots Football in England: Sources and Opportunities
  • Conor Curran: ‘It has almost been an underground movement’. The Development of Grassroots Football in Regional Ireland: the Case of the Donegal League, 1971–1996
  • Dariuš Zifonun, Kristian Naglo: Core Activity, Event and Crisis: Making the Small Worlds of Amateur Football
  • Jochem Kotthaus, Karsten Krampe, Nina Leicht, Sina-Marie Levenig, Sebastian Weste: Problematic Possibilities and Choosing between Courses of Action: Findings of an Ethnographic Study on the Parents of Pre-Adolescent, Non-Professional Soccer Players
  • Nina Degele: Talking Football: Challenging Discrimination and Homophobia
  • Jürgen Mittag: Protest and Social Movements in Football as an Emerging Field of Research: A Review on Sport Politics Studies between the Local and the Global

We hope you enjoy reading it!

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