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Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies

DiFMOE pursues the goal of digitising historical printed works of the multi-ethnic cultural landscapes of Eastern Europe – specifically those areas inhabited (formerly) by larger German or German-speaking sections of the population - and making them freely accessible via its online library.


There are currently about 1,600,000 pages that not only represent the contents of the European Capital of Culture projects of DiFMOE for Kosice 2013, Riga 2014, Pilsen 2015 and Wroclaw 2016, but also recently created collections from Brno and Bratislava, which all have extensive periodical prints as well as numerous books, archives and picture documents from the publication history of each city.

In addition to these collections, DiFMOE has also created "Jewish Culture and History in Eastern Europe".


The Digital Library and the preparation of its contents were sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs, the Goethe Institute Bratislava, the Institute for German Culture and History of South Eastern Europe at the LMU and the Karpatendeutsches Kulturwerk, among others.


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