The 7th International Congress of Young Archaeologists; Iran and Neighboring Regions

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Call for Papers
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Ancient History, Archaeology, Cultural History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies

Association of Archaeology students of Tehran University, as one of the active academic associations, Always seeking to the improvement of scientific and attendance level in students, holds the 7th Congress of Young Archaeologists for gathering the young researchers and minds to discuss and share their ideas. 
An important goal of this event traverses the political borders and consider cultural relations between people who lived in Iran and their neighbors by newly Archaeological finds and point views.  
For knowledge improvement of young archaeologists and learn from expertise, various workshops are held focusing on various fundamental and methodological subjects.


  1. Archaeology of Iran and Neighboring Regions
    • Commercial, political and cultural relations between Iran and neighboring regions
    • The Silk Road and Iran’s contribution to its development in historical and Islamic periods
    • Artistic interactions between Iran and neighboring regions
    • Archaeological excavations regarding Iran in neighboring regions
    • Trade of mineral goods and its routes between Iran and neighboring regions
  2. Persian Gulf Archaeology
    • Archaeology of the Persian Gulf and neighboring regions
    • The Persian Gulf through linguistics
    • The Persian Gulf and archaeological finds
    • The Persian Gulf and maritime archaeology
  3. Latest Archaeological Finds of Iran
    • Theoretical and field studies
  4. Fundamentals and Schools of Archaeology
    • Studies on schools of archaeology
    • New approaches to archaeological surveys and excavations
  5. Cultural Heritage Conservation
    • Evaluating site museums
    • Significance of landscape preservation regarding cultural sites and artifacts
    • Post-excavation conservation
    • Restoration of historical and ancient contexts
    • Artifact trafficking in archaeology
  6. Archaeology and Interdisciplinary Sciences
    • Incorporating interdisciplinary sciences in the archaeology of Iran: challenges and approaches
    • Incorporating interdisciplinary sciences in the interpretation of archaeological finds
  7. Archaeology and Rock Art
    • Public awareness of rock art importance and preservation
    • Rock art and tourism
    • Inscriptions in rock art
    • Rock art of Iran and its connection to neighboring regions
    • Rock art and etymology
    • History of rock art studies in Iran and neighboring regions

abstract submission deadline: June 21, 2019
full paper submission deadline: September 22, 2019
Date: November 11-12, 2019
Venue: Faculty of literature and humanities, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

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