Endangered Culture and Identity in the 21st Century: The Esan and other Nationalities in Nigeria

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November 1, 2017 to November 2, 2017
Subject Fields: 
African History / Studies, Anthropology, Cultural History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Oral History

Studies in cultures have shown that in both advanced and developing worlds, aspects of culture have continued to go steadily into disuse and endangered. This conference is organised to interrogate the paradigms associated with endangered cultures and identity as critical realities in the 21st century and to stimulate debates and ways to remedy the endangered aspects of the various Esan and Nigerian cultures trapped and endangered. Whether by natural or human factors, many cultural practices are either ‘sleeping’, mutating while waiting to be awakened or revived, thus require critical intervention or extinct irrevocably. While the older and fading generation is nostalgic, the younger generation who owns the future seems to be nonchalant towards cultural and traditional norms. These factors and their consequences have particular implications on Esan and the over 250 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria “because people who are cut off from their heritage and culture are more easily manipulated and controlled than people who are not...” In fact, identity crisis has often been experienced when there is cultural dislocation, neglect, marginalisation, imbalance or loss of cultural base. Given the ferocious forces determining realities in the 21st century, are there chances that Nigerian nationalities can still hold on to pristine cultural norms or would the future create a new culture out of a mix-grill of cultures?


  1. Conceptual and theoretical challenges
  2. Methodological constrains in culture study
  3. Festivals and Ceremonies

  4. Endangered Communal values

  5. Songs and Dances

  6. Ethics
  7. Proverbs and Folktales

  8. Spirituality

  9. Marriage and Matrimony
  10. Birth and Childcare
  11. Economic Paradigms
  12. Endangered Languages

  13. Crime Detection and Prevention

  14. Communication   
  15. Sexuality
  16. Aging and Parental care
  17. Burial Rites
  18. De-culturalisation and Re-culturalisation

  19. Gender Relations

  20. Indigenous Knowledge System

  21. Banking System

  22. Medicine    
  23. Poverty Eradication

  24. Other related endangered cultural values

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Authors can send manuscripts to be included in the maiden edition of Journal of Esan and Nationality Studies (JENS) 2018, a publication of CERDEL.



Conference Registration Fee: N10, 000.00 (Ten thousand naira only, non-refundable) payable upon abstract acceptance: This fee covers conference materials, tea break and lunch only during the conference.

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Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Edo State



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