Annual Seminar on Art Education 2019 - Art1st Foundation

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December 18, 2019 to December 19, 2019
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Fine Arts, History Education, Psychology, Teaching and Learning



Art1st Foundation is organising an international Annual Seminar on Art Education 2019 to address the crisis in arts education at the school education in India and envision a future for integrated arts pedagogy. This seminar will invite research papers from scholars, feature keynote addresses and panel discussions of experts from India and abroad, and interactive workshops for art teachers from schools. The objective of this seminar is to bring together a range of voices to collectively put together a vision for the future of arts education in India. 


We are aware that arts education occupies a marginal position in the school system. This has been a typical feature of most of the modern and contemporary education systems which is further damaged by the slashing down of countless courses in the arts from the curriculum, and treating the arts as secondary rather than primary subjects of study in the education of children. In an epoch characterised by rampant socio-political turbulence, economic inequalities, resurgence of religious fundamentalism it is very important to teach tolerance, appreciation for diversity, develop mutual respect and inculcate social justice. We strongly believe that an inclusive and sensitive arts education which nurtures cultural awareness will enable the child to respect diversity and the tangible and intangible heritage of everyone. 

Therefore, this annual seminar and the roundtables will redefine the existing arts curriculum and promote an integrated art education which will develop visual thinking, inner expressions, context specific learnings, cultural sensitivity, self-reflection, creativity and innovative thinking. The objective of this seminar is to bring together a range of voices to collectively put together a vision for the future of art education in India. 

We invite abstracts from researchers to present their papers during this seminar. 

Some of the topics which the research papers may address will include and not limited to:

  • the  history of art education in India 
  • various approaches and perspectives on art education of the child 
  • official policies on art education 
  • artists and art education 
  • artist led pedagogic interventions 
  • contemporary debates on art education 
  • studies on important art education initiatives 


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