Sufiani Sugandh (Sindhi Language Research Journal)

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Call for Papers
May 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Human Rights, Islamic History / Studies, Peace History / Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology

(An open access scholarly, print and online, peer-reviewed Research journal.)
Sufiani Sugandh is a Sindhi Language Research Journal annual; open access and peer reviewed that is
being published from the platform of the Center for Sufi Studies, Research and Publications (CSSRP)
The University of Sufism and Modern Sciences Bhitshah, which is the first university on Sufism in Pakistan.
Sufiani Sugandh; Research Journal is supposed to be focused on Sufism, Peace, Tolerance, and Harmony.
Furthermore, this journal covers Religious Ecstasies, Spiritual Healing, Human Rights, Peace and Conflict
Resolution and other aspects of mysticism.
The scholars, researchers, and students are invited to send their original research articles/research papers,
conceptual framework and case studies.
The published stuff in this journal Sufiani Sugandh will achieve worth and reputation. All the accepted
papers after publication will be accessible for PDF downloading.
Paper submission deadline: 30 June 2019.
Guidelines for Authors.
The Research Paper for Sufiani Sugandh must be written in the Sindhi Language.
The Abstract (up to 250 words) of Research Paper must be written in the English Language.
The Research Paper should be composed on A4 size single side page,
The Research Paper should not be exceeding twenty pages.
For composing, use MB Bhitai Sattar Font – word size must be 13.
The references should be in accordance with the proposed criteria of HEC.
The bibliography must be given at the end of the Research Paper.
The Research Paper besides sending an email, a hard copy must be sent on the address of the Editor.
The introduction, Phone number, and complete address of the writer must be included.
Authors Declaration certificate (available on the website) must be sent instead of plagiarism report.
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