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Call for Papers
May 31, 2019
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Call for Papers GLOBAL MEDIA JOURNAL – Indian Edition

Sponsored by the UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA, ISSN 2249 – 5835

SUMMER ISSUE/ JUNE 2019 Volume: 10/ Number: 1

Deadline for submission: 20 MAY 2019


Translation as an age old practice in human civilisation acts as a medium of dialogue in different spheres of creative expression and communication. Literary practitioners often receive translation as an essential medium of expanding literary horizons by exporting and/or importing literary texts from or to a culture or language. With the emergence of Translation Studies as a discipline in the West different aspects of translation has been explored by the scholars of different fields of study. Gradually the interfaces between translation and literature, history, culture, society, anthropology, science, film and many other fields of knowledge have been explored and established. Translation is understood as an essential medium and means of building a corpus of new literatures, medium of interpreting and communication, means of business and advertisements, tool of knowledge creation etc. Translation is not only an act or discipline but it has been proven as a language of addressing the changing socio-cultural contexts of different conjunctures of time and space. With the growing popularity of new media,different human expressions have been observed a huge paradigm shift and therefore the work of translation also has emerged as a new significance in terms of expression of the common and the creative people, marginal and the power centres, literates and the intellectuals. Current issue of Global Media Journal focuses on the wider theme of translation and media and would like to explore and address different interfaces and dialogues found in our engagements and participations with the media. Contributions are invited from the academic communities and the media practitioners for the next issue of the GMJ-Indian Edition which may be related (but not exhaustively limited) to the following subthemes: -

Translation and Advertisement -

Translation and Subtitling/ Dubbing -

Translation and Semiotics -

Translation and Social Media -

Translation, blogging, and personal websites etc. -

Translation and Web Journals -

Translation and News Making -

Translation, Literature and Media -

Translation and Publishing

Please see ‘Submission Guidelines’
All submissions should be accompanied by the following information which should be presented on the front page only:

(a) Article title, (b) Author name/s, (c) Current position/affiliation, (d) Brief biography (approximately 50 words), (e) Email and mail addresses, (f) A brief abstract (approximately 200 words) (g) Five to ten keywords reflecting the contents of paper, (h) Word count (excluding notes) (i) The URL for author/s' personal web page (j) A brief statement that clearly indicates the article/review etc is not submitted simultaneously for consideration to any other publication.

Word Limit: For Articles: Approximately 7000 words, excluding notes. Students’ Research: Approximately 7000 words, excluding notes. Commentaries: Between 2500 and 3500 words. Book Reviews: Approximately 1500 words.

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Dr. Mrinmoy Pramanick, MA, MPhil, PhD Guest Editor, GLOBAL MEDIA JOURNAL –

Indian Edition Summer Issue/ June 2019/ Volume: 10/ Number: 1

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