The Junior College Multi-Disciplinary Conference: Research, Practice and Collaboration - 'Praxis: Applying Theory in Practice'

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September 18, 2019 to September 20, 2019
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Teaching and Learning

Ideas, paradigms or models that work in theory are counterpoised by the processes of realising, applying or enacting them in practice. Praxis, a derivative of the Greek ‘prattein’, literally meaning “to do”, requires a form of critical thinking that, according to Freire (1970), involves the directing of reflection and action towards “the structures to be transformed.” Whilst Gadamer (1979) defines ‘praxis’ as a process which involves interpretation, understanding and application in ‘one unified process’, Kemmis (2010) argues that there are two related views on what ‘praxis’ is: the first, which takes an Aristotelian viewpoint, defines ‘praxis’ as an ‘action that is morally-committed, and oriented and informed by traditions in a field’; the second, in the wake of Hegel and Marx, considers ‘praxis’ as ‘action with moral, social and political consequences for those involved in and affected by it’. On the other hand, Mayo’s more recent definition of ‘praxis’, sees it as ‘taking critical distance from what one knows, to perceive it in a different light and possibly change it.’ (2018)

We call for papers/posters that look into the theme of ‘Praxis’ in the following areas:

1. Teaching and learning

2. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics

3. Business and IT

4. Humanities

5. Languages

6. Social Science

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