Call for Papers: History of Emotions Conference 2020--North American Chapter for the History of Emotions

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Call for Papers
May 8, 2019 to May 31, 2019
Utah, United States
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European History / Studies, American History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, African History / Studies, Psychology

The North American Chapter for the History of Emotions (NACHEmotions) is pleased to announce its second biennial conference, to be held at George Mason University on June 5-6, 2020. This notice serves both as a call for paper proposals and an invitation to register and save the date.

The conference will welcome papers on a variety of aspects and approaches concerning the history of emotion, providing opportunities as well for further acquaintance among practitioners in the field, North American and beyond. As in our founding conference in 2018, most sessions will feature three or four presentations with opportunities for comment and discussion from the audience. As before as well, the conference will not be able to support participant expenses, but we will work to keep costs as modest as possible.

At this point we welcome relevant proposals for papers or sessions (send to Susan Matt and/or Peter Stearns) with a cutoff date of June 1, 2019, with decisions to be conveyed promptly thereafter. Any suggestions for the conference format welcome as well.

The conference registration fee will be $75 for members of the Chapter and for students, covering continental breakfasts and luncheons and transportation to and from a local hotel. (An optional dinner will be additional.) For nonChapter members, registration is $110.

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