Extended Deadline: The Journal of Conflict and Integration, Summer Volume 2019

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Call for Papers
May 31, 2019
Korea South
Subject Fields: 
Area Studies, Political Science, Humanities, Public Policy, Social Sciences

The Journal of Conflict and Integration (JCI), published by the Centre for Advanced Research in Integrated Future Society (CARIFS) is pleased to announce a call for papers. CARIFS is part of the Social Sciences Korea (SSK) project “Dynamics of Conflict and Integration” (led by Sangtu Ko at Yonsei University), sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). The journal is published twice a year, in June and December.

AIMS and PURPOSE The JCI focuses on the basic idea, that conflict mechanisms in postindustrial societies are different from those in industrial societies, and thus we need to explore new approaches towards conflict management mechanisms. As structure and actors of state and society are changing, so does their relation towards each other. We seek to understand new forms of conflict and their implications for the development of societies of countries including but not limited to Korea.

SCOPE of CONTRIBUTION The journal publishes original research articles (around 7,000
words) and book reviews (around 2500 words). The Journal also welcomes proposals of special issues, and critical literature review with a priori consultation with the editorial board.

SUBMISSION All contributions are made to jci.journal@duksung.ac.kr. The due date
for the 2019 Summer Volume is April 30, 2019. Please refer to the submission guide of the JCI at www.carifs.org/jci.

Seongjin Kim, Editor-in-Chief, Professor in Political Science, Duksung Women’s University     Geeyoung Hong, Associate Editor, Research Professor, Yonsei Univerity CARIFS                       Frank Möhring, Assistant Editor, PhD Candidate, Yonsei Univerity CARIFS