Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique special issue on NARRATIVE

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Call for Publications
June 9, 2019
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Communication, Digital Humanities, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy

The editors of Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique invite contributions for a special issue on the theme of narrative to be published in late 2019.

What has become clear in recent years is the breadth of the “narrative turn” in the humanities and social sciences, from postclassical approaches to narratology to new understandings of the importance of narrative to film, digital media, medico-legal, and interdisciplinary research. Areas of investigation include, but are not limited to:

  • Postclassical and “new” approaches to narratology and narrative theory
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to narratology (e.g. postcolonial, queer, and feminist narratologies)
  • Narrative theory in Australia
  • New approaches to unreliable narration
  • The narrative turn in social research
  • Cognitive theory and narrative
  • Medical, legal, and, political narratives
  • Digital narratives
  • Visual narratives in art, film, and television
  • Intermedial and transmedial narratives
  • Autobiography and life writing
  • Metanarrative and metafiction

Colloquy is an open access, peer-reviewed journal run by postgraduates and published by the Faculty of Arts at Monash University. We publish scholarly work and creative writing from emerging and established researchers in literary and cultural studies, critical theory, continental philosophy, film and television studies, communication and media studies, and performance studies.

Research articles should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words. Referencing should adhere to Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition with endnotes only. Creative writing submissions should not exceed 4,000 words of prose, 80 lines of poetry, or eight pages of graphic narrative.

Colloquy’s website is currently being upgraded. Guidelines for translations, review essays, and book reviews can be found on our temporary website Prior to submission, please read the full submission guidelines and Colloquy’s policies on our website.

All submissions for this issue are due by 9 June 2019, but submissions for general consideration can still be made at any time.

Our latest issue can be found here.

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All enquiries about this special issue may be directed to the Co-editors-in-chief, Calvin Fung and Matilda Grogan, at our contact email.

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