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Call for Volunteers
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Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Hello all,

We are looking for scholars who are interested in contributing to the following exhibitions we have in production:

More than Pretty: Girls & Body Decoration—A historic to contemporary examination of body decoration (tattoos, makeup, scarification, piercing, etc) in daily life rituals and for special occasions.

Young Suffrage: Girls and the Right to Vote—A global look at girls under 21 participation in suffrage.

Refugee Girls—A broad exhibition looking at girls in many refugee migrations over the past 100 years.

Contributions could include a short essay that provides a scholarly viewpoint or provocation, or a print or podcast interview. Other ideas welcomed.

If you or any of your students would be interested, please get in touch.

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Ashley E. Remer
Founder & Head Girl 
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