The Bible as Book, Anthology, and Concept

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The Bible as Book, Anthology, and Concept
The nature of the Bible and attitudes towards it have been influenced by the changing media through which it has been transmitted.  The books that became part of it may have been transmitted as diverse anthologies rather than a settled collection, with differing contents and divisions, and the concept of it as a unified set of books with a fixed text in a fixed order having developed later than is usually thought. 
This symposium on “The Bible as Book, Anthology, and Concept” for the 2020 issue of Hebrew Studies is designed to offer a fresh approach to understanding the Bible’s nature and significance in Jewish and Christian culture.  We seek articles that discuss historiographical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives of the Hebrew Bible from antiquity to the present.  Articles should be 10,000 words or less, including footnotes and headings but excluding the abstract.  Manuscripts should be sent as a Word file in an attachment to <> by February 15, 2020.

The name of the file should consist of the article’s abbreviated title. Together with the article, the author must include a file containing the author’s name, the title of the article, and the author’s contact information, including full postal address and e-mail address. The name of this file should be the author’s name. Do not include the author’s name in the main file; also, the author should exclude or mask any information in the article that may be used to identify the author.

Any inquiries should be addressed to Pamela Barmash, Editor, Hebrew Studies <>.

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