French and Francophone Film and Media in the Classroom - PAMLA San Diego Nov. 14-17, 2019

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Call for Papers
June 10, 2019
California, United States
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French History / Studies, Languages, Teaching and Learning, Film and Film History

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French and Francophone Film and Media in the Classroom



Teaching film and Teaching with film – Two different approaches and methodological emphases: what can each learn from the other? This panel invites both film specialists and language teachers in order to open a dialog between different areas of expertise. Both papers in French and English are welcome.


Panel description:

Although film is interesting per se, it also is a great vector to teach media literacy, language, literature, or culture. This panel is interested in this more transitive aspect of film teaching: cinema is an art, but it is also a language. Although it reformulates reality in its own aesthetic form, its nature makes it uniquely qualified to give access to a series of affects and experiences, and can help students learn to decipher cultural codes, learn a language or discover new ideas.


When using film in the classroom, our learning goals may emphasize different things: media literacy and analysis, narrative analysis, cultural knowledge or language skills. This panel invites talks about teaching methods and practices that combine at least two of these emphases. The panel invites both teachers of language and teachers of film in order to open a dialog between different areas of expertise. The panel also invites innovative pedagogical approaches, as sometimes the more practical aspects of teaching with film are not obvious. How, practically, can we best use film to teach culture or language, but also, how does film allow us to teach differently and address students in a unique way?


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