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Call for Papers
January 1, 2019 to July 10, 2019
United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology, Sociology, Social Sciences

The peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM), is looking for article submissions relating to ministry research, including (but not limited to) research on:

~Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary Ministry Practices
~Experimental Faith Communities
~Ecclesiastical Trends and Issues
~Economic, Political, Social, and Ecological Issues in Ministry
~Ethical, Racial, Sexual, and Gender Issues in Ministry

For the ministerial part of the journal, researchers can utilize social-scientific research (demographic trends, issues in psychology or sociology, etc.) or studies in the evolution of religious belief systems (e.g. the impact of deconstructionism on the phenomenological philosophy of religion) and apply those insights to a vocational setting as it relates to congregational life and ministry programs. As an example, researchers might implement an experimental study with a particular church or synagogue involving a new way to deal with racial inequality or sexual abuse issues in society as it pertains to religious practices. The researchers could then report their findings in our ministry section of the journal. Or researchers might present different ways to accommodate societal changes in philosophies, belief systems, or approaches to religiosity and how those changes are likely to influence future congregational characteristics.


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Darren M. Slade, General Editor

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