Cultural and Social History - the city as a site of identiy and life

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Call for Publications
June 16, 2020
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Popular Culture Studies, Contemporary History, Social Sciences, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Local History

Publication Strand: Cultrual and Social History - the city as a site of identiy and life


The city is a complex phenomenon. Ever since the explosion in urban living in the 19th century it has been a site of social conflict, economic growth, design utopias, cultural formation and self identity. The conflicting forces that create the physical forms and modes of life in the city are vast. From economics to architecture, from public health to cultural expression, from political struggle to community identity, there is not only complexity there is contradiction at the heart of the city.

This publication call takes as its starting point this complex and sometimes contradictory scenario. It suggests that a full understanding of these intricacies and the benefits complexity can bring is only possible through a fully interdisciplinary consideration of life for people in cities, as both a product and a influence on all over aspects of the metropolis: its built form and its rules, it regulations and its governance etc.

On that basis it welcomes paapers from various fields including cultural studies, sociology, political science, architecture, urban design, public health and more.

It is collecting papers throug the following conference:


Conference: Complexity and teh City

Conference Dates: 17-19 June 2020

Abstract Submissions: 01 December 2019 

Place: CITY – University of London

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