Call for Book Chapters: The Discourse of Sustainability in Europe: Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Justice (Extended Deadline)

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Call for Publications
Massachusetts, United States
Subject Fields: 
Environmental History / Studies, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Public Health

The term sustainability has a broad meaning, including sustainable peace building. This edited collection brings researchers in the field of sustainable development together and aims to analyze the associated environmental and social issues. The focus of the book is sustainable solutions, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offered by the European Union. By May 15, please submit your CV and an abstract (approximately 300 words) to Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin and/or Dr. Elena Shabliy

Topics covered by the volume include:

  • Climate Change: Global Warming, Water, Health
  • Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro, Renewable Transport, Green Buildings etc.
  • Sustainable Society: Education, Gender Equality, and Justice
Contact Info: 

Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin, Harvard University
Dr. Elena Shabliy, Harvard University

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