[Deadline extension] Call For Book Review Editor: Patterns of Prejudice

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April 30, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Social History / Studies, Political Science, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Humanities, Area Studies

Patterns of Prejudice seeks a new Book Review Editor.

Successful applicants will combine scholarly expertise with a broad interest in the stigmatization or demonization of racial, ethnic, national and religious Others. The Book Review Editor has substantial autonomy but will work with, and be supported by, the Patterns of Prejudice Editors and Editorial Board to ensure the highest quality and most relevant content is published in the journal for the benefit of scholars in the field.

We would expect the successful candidate to have, or be in the process of working towards, a Ph.D or comparable academic level, to be fluent in English and comfortable working with electronic technology. The post is open to individuals in any location and of any age. The position is not a paid one but all expenses will be reimbursed and unsolicited review copies will be the property of the Review Editor. The successful candidate will assume the position of Review Editor as soon as possible. The term of the editorship, in the first instance, is five years (2019-2023).

The role includes the following scope of work:

  • Identifying, soliciting, and receiving key books (and potentially other kinds of works) for potential review in the journal from across the varied disciplines that Patterns of Prejudice serves.
  • Assigning the appropriate reviewer(s), establishing reviewer willingness to prepare a fair review of the work on an appropriate timeline for publication in the journal.
  • Obtaining and evaluating reviews prepared, communicating with reviewers as needed, and generally keeping an appropriate flow of quality reviews.
  • Conducting initial substantive copyediting according to established production deadlines.
  • Maintaining administrative files for the book review section, including files of communications with reviewers and others.
  • Disseminating published reviews to publishers.
  • Keeping the Editors apprised of ongoing work.
  • Participating in Editorial Board meetings in person or virtually.
  • Working with Patterns of Prejudice staff to publicize reviews through social media and websites.

The application will include:

  • A 500-1,000 word statement of what draws you to apply and what you will bring to the journal in this role.

  • A list of books that you consider would constitute an ideal book review section for Patterns of Prejudice. It should include 6–8 books (published roughly within the last 12 months) and their ideal reviewers. It should be no more than one page.

  • A Curriculum Vitae.

  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses for two referees.

Send applications to Patterns of Prejudice Co-Editor Barbara Rosenbaum (b.rosenbaum@dsl.pipex.com) by 30 April 2019. Video interviews will be conducted in May.

About Patterns of Prejudice

Patterns of Prejudice is a peer reviewed, international journal published five times a year. The journal provides a forum for exploring the historical roots and contemporary varieties of social exclusion and the demonization or stigmatization of the racial, ethnic, national or religious Other across the world. It probes the language and construction of ’race’, nation, colour and ethnicity, as well as the linkages between these categories. It encourages discussion of theoretical debates as well as of issues at the top of the public policy agenda, such as immigration, asylum, social cohesion, hate crimes and citizenship. The journal does not publish texts that analyse cases of prejudice based on gender/sexuality or disability.

Patterns of Prejudice is an interdisciplinary journal and aims to be accessible to a large and diverse academic and professional audience, including those working across the whole spectrum of Humanities and Social Science subjects. The journal seeks to identify those texts that not only demonstrate an author’s expertise of their specific subject but also demonstrate the ability to communicate their implications to scholars working in other fields. For this reason, we discourage the submission of articles that are written for a very specific audience, involving specialized terminology or complex statistical computations.

Contact Info: 

Questions can be addressed to Barbara Rosenbaum. Please use the email subject heading: "POP Book Review Editor" for correspondence.