Transnational Belonging and Female Agency in the Arts

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Call for Publications
May 31, 2019
United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts, Humanities, Women's & Gender History / Studies


Call for Contributions: Transnational belonging and female agency in the arts



Catherine Dormor

Head of Research Programmes, Royal College of Art, London []


Basia Sliwinska

Senior Lecturer, Cultural & Historical Studies, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London



Aimed at bringing together a curated collection of essays this edited volume under contract with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing seeks to build new visions of belonging and new articulations of place and space from a range of perspectives, including feminist art histories, art practice and performative activities. Readers of this volume are offered:

  1. A refreshed consideration of transnational and intersectional approach for a contemporary climate

  2. Contributions from academics, curators and artists combining theory and practice-based and practice-led perspectives

  3. A contemporary, transnational scaffold for theories of cooperation and generosity.


The Book:

Current nation-state narratives and rising new nationalisms demand that the politics of access to space is reconsidered and renegotiated. Contributions to this volume are invited that focus on ways in which women’s contemporary art practice and female agency disrupts borders and activates concerns around different forms of belonging, citizenship and transnationalisms. Chapters have already been commissioned from authors covering themes of ‘The margin as a space of connection’, ‘Global citizens avant la lettre’, ‘Suspended: Displacement and Longing’, ‘Challenging the Status Quo: Women Rethinking the Gallery Space’, ‘Communal breathing and belonging – the gift of space’, Frayed & Fraying: textile actions and the edges of belonging’ and ‘the Transnational Cinematic Subject’.


We are seeking contributions that explore new visions of belonging and new articulations of place and space from a number of different perspectives, including:


  • feminist art histories

  • art practice

  • performative activities

  • dislocated subjects

  • domesticity

  • citizenship


We are particularly keen to include contributions that address those perspectives from a globally versatile range and we invite proposals that focus on practices from the southern continents of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia or the Indian subcontinent.


This collection of essays proposes a scaffold for thinking through women’s generous encounters with space and their commitment to decolonisation through activities of solidarity, hospitality and friendship. The selected texts explore the potential of common and ethical figurations of being, human and non-human.



Transnational belonging and female agency in the arts is due to be published in 2021; selected submissions (c.6,500-7,000 words)would need to be completed in late 2020.


The deadline for submitting a 300 word proposal, together with 100 word bio, is May 31st 2019 and successful authors will be notified in June 2019.


Contact Info: 

Dr Catherine Dormor: Royal College of Art, London:

Dr Basia Sliwinska: London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. London: