Last call: Complete a survey and get a book coupon! A study on the history of proper names and theory of reference

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April 8, 2019
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Communication, Intellectual History, Languages, Linguistics, Literature

Dear colleagues, 

We would like to invite you to complete a survey, which is part of a research project entitled ‘How Proper Names Refer’, conducted by Dr Siu-Fan Lee at the Hong Kong Baptist University. It aims to collect actual cases of reference shifts in linguistic practice as well as intuitive response to hypothetical scenarios.

To express our gratitude and compensate for your time and effort in participation, a gift coupon from an international bookseller will be given for anyone who has completed each part, totalling up to USD20 (or GBP15). The coupon will be sent to your email after 8 April. 

Please go to the following link to start:

We appreciate your return before 8 April 2019. If there is any question, please don’t hesitate to contact the research team at or me at


Best regards,

Dr Siu-Fan Lee

Assistant Professor
Department of Religion and Philosophy
Hong Kong Baptist University

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