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April 2, 2019
Alberta, Canada
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Vol 6, no 1 (2019) features part II of a special thematic section "Ukrainian Studies in Canada since the 1950s," guest edited by Roman Senkus (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Toronto Office, University of Alberta). Part I appeared in our vol. 5, no. 1 (2018).


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Svitlana (Lana) Krys




East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies


Table of Contents:




Contributors' Bios (v-vii)




From the Editor-in-Chief: Update on EWJUS’s Activities (1-2)

                Svitlana (Lana) Krys




Andrij Makuch (13 March 1956-18 January 2019) (3-5)

                Roman Senkus


Articles - Thematic Section


Ukrainian Studies in Canada since the 1950s: A Brief Introductory Note to Part II (7)

                Roman Senkus

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies: Foundations (9-49)

                Volodymyr Kravchenko

Sowing on Good Soil: Canadian Scholarship on the Ukrainian Church(es)


                Jaroslav Z. Skira, Myroslaw Tataryn




The Election of a Kleptocrat: Viktor Ianukovych and the Ukrainian Presidential Elections in 2010 (91-124)

                Li Bennich-Björkman,     Andriy Kashyn,  Sergiy Kurbatov

Franz Brentano’s Influence on Ukrainian Philosophy: A Methodological Introduction to Research (125-146)

                Stepan Ivanyk

Democratic Transition Research: From Western to Post-Soviet East European Scholarship (147-167)

                Olga Oleinikova


Book Reviews


Review of Paul Robert Magocsi. This Blessed Land: Crimea and the Crimean Tatars. (169-171)

                Gunter Schaarschmidt

Review of Liliana Hentosh. Mytropolyt Sheptyts'kyi 1923-1939: Vyprobuvannia idealiv [Metropolitan Sheptyts'kyi 1923-1939: A Test of Ideals]. (173-177)

                Andrii Krawchuk

Review of Hiroaki Kuromiia. Zrozumity Donbas [Understanding the Donbas].


                Kateryna Zarembo

Review of Myroslav Shkandrij. Ukrainian Nationalism: Politics, Ideology, and Literature, 1929-1956. (181-184)

                Roman Horbyk

Review of Solomiia Diakiv, compiler and editor. Stefaniia Shabatura: Vybrana palitra kol'oriv z mozaiky zhyttia i tvorchosti [Stefaniia Shabatura: A Select Palette of Colours from a Mosaic of Life and Work]. (185-186)

                Simone Attilio Bellezza

Review of Andrea Graziosi and Frank E. Sysyn, editors. Communism and Hunger:

The Ukrainian, Chinese, Kazakh, and Soviet Famines in Comparative Perspective. (187-191)

                John Vsetecka

Review of George O. Liber. Total Wars and the Making of Modern Ukraine, 1914-1954. (193-195)

                Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon

Review of Johannes Remy. Brothers or Enemies: The Ukrainian National Movement and Russia, from the 1840s to the 1870s. (197-200)

                Serhiy Bilenky

Review of Tanya Zaharchenko. Where Currents Meet: Frontiers in Post-Soviet Fiction of Kharkiv, Ukraine. (201-203)

                Svitlana (Lana) Krys

Review of Bohdan Ihor Antonych. The Grand Harmony. (205-207)

                Jeffrey D. Stephaniuk

Review of Olexiy Haran and Maksym Yakovlyev, editors. Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas. (209-212)

                Nataliia Kasianenko

Review of Natalia Kliashtorna. Narodne vbrannia zakhidnoi Boikivshchyny:

Litovyshchi ta okolytsi [Folk Clothing of the Western Boiko Region:

Litovyshchi and Vicinity]. (213-215)

                Natalie Kononenko

Review of Matthew S. Witkovsky and Devin Fore, editors. Revoliutsiia!

Demonstratsiia! Soviet Art Put to the Test. (217-219)

                Hanna Chuchvaha

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