Riddles in Hispanic Culture and Literature: a Conference in Honor of Harriet Goldberg (1926-2001)

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Call for Papers
November 16, 2019
Pennsylvania, United States
Subject Fields: 
Indigenous Studies, Literature, Music and Music History, Religious Studies and Theology, Anthropology


In 2002, Alan Deyermond described his relation with Harriet Goldberg as a relation of admiration “for the quality of her scholarship and her range of interests” ranging from dreams, sexual humor, to personal descriptions and riddles. One of her latest contributions, the Motif-Index of Medieval Spanish Folk Narratives, stands today as testament to her versatility and extraordinary influence in the field of Hispanic Studies.


The Departments of Romance Languages at Villanova University, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Culture at the University of Delaware, and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University are hosting a one-day conference on the work and contributions of Dr. Harriet Goldberg. The symposium will scrutinize mutual perceptions of Folkloric Traditions and highlight the importance of Folklore for grasping new visions of the Mediterranean world. We particularly welcome papers that deal with Hispanic traditions in Africa, Asia and the Americas, especially regarding the romancero, folktales, riddle-making, courtly love, or portraiture.


The keynote address will be given by Dr. Michelle Hamilton, Director of Medieval Studies and Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities .


Anyone wishing to submit a proposal should send a maximum 300-word abstract by June 1, 2018. Paper proposers will be notified by September 10 if their proposal has been accepted. 


Contact Info: 

Adriano Duque (Villanova University), Montserrat Piera (Temple University), Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths (University of Delaware)