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African History / Studies, Military History, World History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations

Fighting for the Empire: African Societies in the First and Second World Wars

To be published by Leuven University Press

Edited by Chima J. Korieh


The First and Second World Wars played a central role in modern global history. The structure of European and American societies was changed for ever by these wars. Much of Asia and Africa experienced fundamental changes as well. The colonial empires were involuntarily sucked into both global conflicts. Yet most studies on the World Wars have given scant attention to the contributions of colonial empires or the impact of the war on their lives. Such pervasive neglect of the significant role played by European colonies on behalf of the Allies is not only historically problematic but limits our full understanding of the war and its general impact on all humanity. Both the First and the Second World Wars were truly global and imperial wars, with colonial soldiers seeing action in far more locations around the world than ever before. Moreover, the contributions of European colonies and territories was anything but nominal as Paul Mulvey noted of the British Empire in World War Two.  


We are interested in exploring a number of themes as they relate to both wars and societies in the empire especially the African experience. Specifically, we are interested in a multidisciplinary edited volume centered around the central question of the impact of colonization processes and the First and Second World Wars on African societies. What roles did European colonial possessions such play in the First and Second World War? How did the war redefine the relationship between African colonies and the European empires in the most important global conflicts of the twentieth century?  What do we know about the daily lives and war-time experiences of colonial subjects during these conflicts and how were they shaped by colonial policies, propaganda and regulations of the local economy? These questions, among others and their intersection with empire, colonialism and global conflagrations—lie at the heart of the prosed volume.  Papers focusing on these central thematic strands but knit to explore intersection of empire, colonialism and global conflagrations and covering geographical breath, gender, children’s and soldiers’ experiences, and question of race in the context of these war are welcome.


Interested contributors should provide a 300-word summary of chapter, specifying the main argument and general conclusion; short CV of the author(s) specifying only the most relevant academic background and publications in max of 300 words by May 6 2019 to Dr. Chima J. Korieh  



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