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March 28, 2019
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Just Published - The Jacobi Papers

The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy (IIJG) wishes to announce the publication of The Jacobi Papers: Genealogical Studies of Leading Ashkenazi Families, by Paul J. Jacobi (Avotaynu, Connecticut USA, 2019). This monumental work comprises 4 volumes, each containing over 500 pages, plus introductions and indices. For bibliographical details and purchase, go to http://avotaynu.com/books/Jacobi-Papers.html  (or, for fuller information, IIJG’s website at https://www.iijg.org/resources/jacobi-papers/).

These scholarly volumes are the product of researches by the renowned genealogist, Paul J. Jacobi (Könisberg/Jerusalem, 1911-97), who spent of half a century meticulously investigating and documenting the lineages of leading Ashkenazi, and mainly rabbinic, families. Together, they form a cornucopia of Jewish genealogical data and historical information of relevance to scholars working on Ashkenazi Jewry from a number of perspectives. They contain tens of thousands of names and countless family trees, carefully situated in time by means of Jacobi’s unique system of “absolute generations”.

Paul Jacobi held the challenging view that a core-group of some 80 elite families dominated Ashkenazi Jewry from its beginnings. To test his theory, he researched more than 450 families to varying levels of detail, using the considerable resources available to him in Jerusalem. Of these, he took more than 100 of his studies to completion. On his death, his manuscripts were deposited in the National Library of Israel. Two decades later and after five years of editing by Ami Elyasaf, this invaluable genealogical compendium, Jacobi’s life-work, is being published for the first time.

Neville Lamdan, Chairman, IIJG

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