CFP: Pre-20th Century Women in German Coalition Panel “Abolitionists or Advocates? German Images of Slavery”

Obenewaa Oduro-Opuni Announcement
Tennessee, United States
Subject Fields
Atlantic History / Studies, Black History / Studies, German History / Studies, Slavery, Women's & Gender History / Studies

CFP: Pre-20th Century Women in German Coalition Panel “Abolitionists or Advocates? German Images of Slavery,” Sewanee, TN

44th Annual Women in German Conference

Sewanee, Tennessee

October 17-20, 2019


Abolitionists or Advocates? German Images of Slavery


The history of abolitionism within the wider transnational context highlights the complex relationship between feminism and abolitionism. This panel seeks to explore further individual and collective acts of abolitionism and the correlation between the Euro-American space and German involvement in abolitionist efforts. We invite papers that address authors and artists who examine slavery in a variety of genres such as journalistic writing, fiction, letters, visual imagery, performance etc. that contribute to the transnational abolitionist and feminist discourse.


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


  • How race and gender operate in abolitionist cultural production;
  • Affect in abolitionist German writings;
  • Benevolent depiction of Black slaves in German culture production (theater, literature, etc.);
  • Enlightenment Ideals and Abolitionist Sentiments in German territories;
  • Global Citizenship, Anti-Imperialism, Abolitionism and German writers (cultural production);
  • German-language Abolitionist activism;
  • Anti-slavery sentiments in German territories;
  • German-language Abolitionist Poetry;
  • German-American Abolitionists and the 1848ers;


Please send abstracts of approx. 250 words in English or German, and a short biographical note to Obenewaa Oduro-Opuni ( and Denise Della Rossa ( by April 26, 2019.