Extended Deadline: Video Game Art Reader Accepting Submissions on Overclocking through April 8th

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Call for Papers
April 8, 2019
United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies

The Video Game Art Reader (VGAR) is extending its deadline for submissions from practitioners, researchers, and educators for Issue #3 until April 8th. The theme for this issue is Overclocking, a foundational metaphor for how games are produced and experienced today, and the temporal compressions and extensions of the many historical lineages that have shaped game art and culture.

VGAR is an annual, peer-reviewed, art history journal published through the Video Game Art Gallery. The goal of the VGAR is to facilitate conversation and exploration of video game art through an inclusive discourse about the far-reaching influence of video games on history, society, and culture.

The full CFP and submission guidelines for Issue #3 can be found here:

Issue #3 CFP

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be forwarded to Editor-in-Chief Tiffany Funk at tfunk (at) vgagallery (dot) org no later than midnight on April 8th.

Questions regarding submissions guidelines, formatting, citations, and theme should be submitted to mreed (at) vgagallery (dot) org.

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