Federal Cabinetmaking: Kneeland & Adams of Hartford

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April 27, 2019
Massachusetts, United States
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American History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Public History

The ledger of Lemuel Adams, the shop principal of the Hartford, Connecticut, cabinetmaking firm Kneeland & Adams (1792-1795), was discovered at the University of Miami in 2016. It features the shop’s financial accounts, biographical information, customer lists, shop output, and other new information – leading to new scholarship on the firm and its larger network of cabinetmaking firms in southern New England. This forum will share the ongoing research of the firm and its significance to the history of commercial craftsmanship in New England.

Featuring lectures by:

Robert D. Mussey, Jr., Furniture Scholar and Retired Conservator, Robert Mussey Associates:  “Kith, Kin, and Federal Cabinetmaking: Stephen Badlam”

Christine Ritok, Associate Curator, Historic Deerfield: “Federal Cabinetmaking of the Lower Connecticut River in Southern New England

Kevin G. Ferrigno, Private Researcher: “Products of the Kneeland & Adams Cabinetmaking Shop”

Katherine Fecteau, Assistant Curator, Old Sturbridge Village: “Consumer Reports: Archival Evidence of Kneeland & Adams Clients”

Daniel S. Sousa, Assistant Curator, Historic Deerfield: A Journeyman’s Journey: The Career of Jonathan Bright”

The cost of the program (which includes lunch) is $80 for Historic Deerfield members; $95 for the general public, and $115 for new members of Historic Deerfield. For more information and registration, contact Julie Orvis at jorvis@historic-deerfield.org, call (413) 775-7179, or register online at www.historic-deerfield.org

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Julie Orvis
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