Seeking panelist for AAA/CASCA Vancouver (Nov. 20-24, 2019) panel: "Bad Air" and the Everyday Landscape of Asia

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March 27, 2019
British Columbia, Canada
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“Bad Air” and the Everyday Landscape of Asia 

Organizers: Seo Young Park (Scripps College) and Bonnie Tilland (Yonsei University)


"Bad air" has emerged as a significant problem in the everyday lives of people in urban and rural Asia in recent decades. On the one hand, the movement of polluted air is instantly measured and updated on an hourly basis on weather forecasts and mobile apps, creating overflows real-time information. On the other hand, its various registers are conditioned by and also shape our understanding of the environmental, economic, and geopolitical instability of the region. This panel is particularly interested in exploring everyday practices of addressing, sensing, or attending to the “bad air” as generative of new forms of uncertainties, precarity, and knowledge. How do sensory and somatic experiences of the indoor and outdoor air shape the affective and physical relationship between our bodies and the world?  In what ways are the “knowability” of substances in the air and its toxicity imagined and registered by the government, religious groups, and scientific institutions? How do these ideas of the invisible air quality entangle with the rapid-paced social changes and reshape the imaginary cartography of the region? In what ways does the public fear of air problems impact on individual choices of parenting, housing, managing health, or educating, leading to particular forms of subjecthood? How does the “bad air” mark and blur the distinction of interior and exterior of bodies, built environments, communities, markets and national territories?


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