Registration Now Open for Summer Kabuki Workshops at University of Hawai'i

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Summer Program
May 28, 2019 to August 16, 2019
Hawaii, United States
Subject Fields: 
Area Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

Registration for the courses will be through University of Hawaii Summer Session. All participants, regardless of nationality or state of residency, are eligible for in-state tuition.

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Please see the information on the worshop courses below, or go to the UHM Department of Theatre and Dance website.


THEA 428: Japanese Acting Workshop—Kabuki.                             3 cr.  5/28/19 ~6/14/19

Week one, taught by Julie A. Iezzi, UHM professor, covers historical information, play readings, kabuki conventions and terminology, dressing, and protocol. Weeks two and three, taught by veteran actor Ichikawa Monnosuke VIII, versatile performer and member of Ichikawa Ennosuke’s kabuki troupe, will consist of: a) 3-4 hrs. of daily training in kabuki voice and movement; b) a 3-hr. makeup workshop, and c) a final recital.


THEA 499:Directed Work (Section 1)—Kabuki Costume       1 cr.   8/6/19~8/16/19, 1-3:30pm

THEA 499:Directed Work (Section 2)—Kabuki Wigs               1 cr.   8/6/19~8/16/19, 4-6:30pm

Two intensives, taught by Oguri Sachie, owner and operator of the Aioi-za kabuki theatre, Museum Nakasendō in Mino City, Gifu Prefecture. Active in costume restoration research, Oguri has revived lost techniques, and is active throughout Japan assisting with the cataloging and preservation of historical kabuki costume collections.


Wig course will focus on: developing a knowledge of wig styles, the characters associated with each, wig construction; maintenance and care; tools, materials and basic techniques of wig styling; as well as preparation and wearing of the habutai. An advanced course, focused on wig styling, is planned for Summer of 2020.  


Costume course will focus on developing a knowledge of textiles, classification of costume pieces and characters associated with each, the basics of kabuki costume care, and how to make basic alternations.


Short-term housing may also be available at the East West Center dormitories. Please contact East West Center Housing office.

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Dr. Julie A. Iezzi, Professor, Dept. of Theatre and Dance

Translator, Director, Project Coordinator for the 2020-21 Kabuki and Related Events

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