Faravid 48/2019: Trans-Atlantic Impacts

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Call for Papers
June 1, 2019
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American History / Studies, African History / Studies, European History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Archaeology

The trans-Atlantic experience has had profound implications on both sides of the ocean: Since the Columbian encounter, societies have constructed and imagined communities in intimate political, economic, and ideological interaction, overcoming barriers to meet, blend together, or engage in conflict. Trans-Atlantic connections and impacts have crucially shaped the ways in which people relate to one another, assert authority, and envision themselves as local, ethnic, political, ideological, and virtual communities.

The Atlantic Ocean extends longitudinally between Europe and Africa to the east, and the Americas to the west. This vast geographical area grants a wide variety of significant research themes to be addressed.

Faravid - Journal for Historical and Archaeological Studies welcomes submissions on explaining the traits and events of the trans-Atlantic sphere and their implications in comparison and contrast with the rest of the world. Interdisciplinary papers involving history, archaeology and new approaches and methods are encouraged.

Please send your papers for review by 1 June 2019. Instructions, including contact information and email addresses, are available at http://pro.tsv.fi/pshy/notes_for_authors.htm.

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