Turning Points in History: Graduate Conference. Tuesday 7 May 2019, The University of Roehampton

Call for Papers
April 17, 2019
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Early Modern History and Period Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies, Political History / Studies, World History / Studies

We are excited to announce the Inaugural Conference for the West London Network for Graduates in History, which will be held at the University of Roehampton on Tuesday 7 May 2019. This event will bring together History Graduates from across London and beyond to discuss ‘Turning Points’ throughout history. In the current political climate we are facing dramatic changes, making this a particularly apt time to consider historical 'Turning Points', large and small.

This conference will mark the first event of the Network that will bring together graduate students from across London, providing opportunities for intellectual exchange for those entering the field of history.

Please see below further details on our theme.

Although Britain’s future relationship with Europe remains unresolved, it is likely that the result of the 2016 EU referendum will be viewed by future historians as a turning point in British – and perhaps wider European – history. The time is opportune, then, to reflect upon other turning points from the past. Throughout history we can point to events which permanently altered the social, political and economic landscape of a people or a nation. Their impact might have been immediate, such as the French Revolution, or more gradual, such as the Industrial Revolution. Historians might not always agree on the causes and significance of such events, but it is generally accepted that they acted as turning points in history. Some important events, of course, might not yet be fully appreciated, and many have no doubt escaped the attention of historians altogether. This conference seeks to bring together graduate students in history to discuss pivotal points of change in the rich history of Europe. The intention is to consider how they have shaped the past, and what they might tell us about the present and the future.

Topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Political, religious and social reform movements
  • War and conflict
  • Economic dislocation or upheaval
  • Local events which had national/international implications
  • Random and unexpected actions
  • Key individuals

We welcome papers related to ongoing research as well as those wishing to test formative ideas for future projects.

Contact Info: 
  • We would like to invite participants to present a paper of around twenty minutes.
  • Would interested participants please send a 300 word abstract of the proposed paper for consideration, along with details of your affiliated association, by 15 April 2019, while any questions should also be directed to the email.
  • Please email Jonathan Arnold at the contact email below or arnoldj1@roehamptons.ac.uk