375 of African American Presence in Maryland, 1642-2017

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October 20, 2017 to October 21, 2017
Maryland, United States
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African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Humanities

375 of African American Presence in Maryland, 1642-2017

October 20-21, 2017

Gloria Richardson Humanities Initiative

Bowie State University

Bowie, MD

All sessions will be in James E. Proctor Hall, Rm. 117. Gloria Richardson Dandridge will be in attendance.

Friday, October 20: Historical Reflections

9:00-10:45      Welcome and Keynote Address

Dr. Maurice Jackson, Department of History, Georgetown University

Honoring Gloria Richardson and Richard Collins, Some Things Change and Some Things Stay the Same: But Always the Struggle Continues


11:00-12:15    Antebellum Slavery

“‘Some others of Her Ancestors’: Family, Race, and the Law in Early Maryland

Courtney Hobson, University of Maryland Baltimore County


“‘So that I May Get Him Again’: Runaway Slave Ads in Prince George’s County, 1830-1860”

Clifton Coates, Charles Carroll Middle School


“Talking with the Door Closed: The Gendered and Sexual Politics of Imprisonment”

Kyera Singleton, University of Michigan


12:15-2:00      Lunch


2:00-3:15        Frederick Douglass: The Narrative and the Abolitionist

“‘To Impress Them with the Gross Fraud and Inhumanity of Slavery’: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass as a Framework for the Decolonization of the (African) American Mind

Christopher Varlack, University of Maryland Baltimore County


“Frederick Douglass: The Eloquent and Historic Presence of an African American Abolitionist in Maryland”

Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, Temple University


“Frederick Douglass and Philosophy”

Paul Richard Blum, Loyola University Maryland


3:30-4:15        Emancipation in Maryland

“The Peculiarities of the African American Diaspora in the Early Nineteenth Century Atlantic World: A Case from the Chesapeake”

Herbert Brewer, Morgan State University


“‘Breaking Up the Iniquitous System’: African American Soldiers, Federal Authority, and the Mission to End Forced Apprenticeships in Maryland”

Joe Funk, The Catholic University of America


“Slavery in Maryland: Proving Ground for Emancipation, 1861-1865”

Sarah Brucksch, Millersville University


4:30-5:30        Twentieth Century Transformations in Maryland

“Thurgood Marshall’s First Legal Victory Against Public School Segregation: Maryland as the First Step on the Road to the Landmark Brown Decision”

Ralph Buglass, Independent Scholar


“‘All Available Labor is Idle’: Race, Economic Citizenship, and Wartime Policing in Maryland’s Eastern Shore”

Anne Lessy, Yale University


Saturday, October 21: Spatial Reflections

9:00-10:00      Resurrecting History: African Americans in Western Maryland

Amy Armiento, Frostburg State University

Lynn Bowman, Frostburg State University


10:15-12:15    Institutions and Institutional Violence in Baltimore

“The Sesquicentennial Year of HBCUs in America: Morgan State University; One of Nine HBCUs Founded in 1867”

Dale Glenwood Green, Morgan State University

“‘To Guide, Counsel and Educate’: Examining the Revolutionary Stories in the Baltimore Afro-American that were Linked to its Coverage Agenda”

Jayne Cubbage, Bowie State University

“Baltimore: A Deep History of Violence with Modern Implications”

Jeff Menzise, Morgan State University

“The Young Muted of Baltimore”

Chelsea G. Mays-Williams, Bowie State University


12:15-2:15      Lunch


2:15-3:30        Voices of Baltimore and Freedom Schools: An Afrocentric Curricular Framework Approach

Gary Homana, Towson University

Morna McDermott McNulty, Towson University

Treopia G. Washington, Bowie State University

Marci Watson, Towson University


3:45-5:00        Preserving Families, Communities, and Cultures

“My Daddy, My Black Gold: A Personal Account of Courageous Followership in Maryland in the Jim Crow Era”

Wendy M. Edmonds, Bowie State University

“My Life in Martinsburg, MD, An Historic Community of Free Persons of Color: Concerns about Rural Gentrification and Survival”

Dorothy (Nasirah) Blake Fardan, Bowie State University

“Acculturation Process: African American Families Sending their Children Home for Education”

Cordelia Obizola, Bowie State University

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