The Geography and History of Sinai Peninsula in the Photographs of the Library of Congress

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Sinai’s 500 plus photographic entries from mid 19th to mid 20th centuries CE on the Prints & Photographs Catalog of the Library of Congress ― are now published online with detailed geography and history description (plus archaeological, anthropological and ecological notes), based on the 19-year field survey and maps of Sinai Peninsula Research (SPR).

(if you click on the photographs you will find the enclosed notes)

― Francis Frith (creator) in 1857 CE, John Whiting & others (creators) [Gästgifvar Eric and Edith Matson] in 1898 and 1946 CE, Bernhard Moritz (creator) in 1910 CE, and Underwood & Underwood in early 20th century CE.

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Dr Ahmed Shams 


Sessional Lecturer, MA International Cultural Heritage Management (ICHM), Department of Archaeology, Durham University


Sinai Peninsula Research (SPR)