2019 CFPR Training Program in Social Sciences - Preparing for Global Aging: Theory, Policy and Business

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Summer Program
July 11, 2019 to July 12, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology

Our world is undergoing rapid population aging with unprecedented social transformations. Now has never been a better time for researchers, policymakers and business analysts to prepare for a grey future, both as a challenge and an opportunity. This course is to review the theoretical perspectives and models for elderly well-being in later lives, practices and trends for the major old-age policies, potentials and strategies of the silver business. All topics will be addressed in a multidisciplinary way, including biomedical, psychological, socioeconomic, and environmental dimensions. The course will be delivered with a large amount of empirical example illustrations, all of which is with a global view, with constant comparison with the context of Singapore.

Course Outline

  • Global Aging: Facts and Trends
  • Models of Health, Active, Productive, and Successful Aging
  • Could We Live Longer and Healthier: Health in Old ages
  • How Should We Pay for later Life: Work and Retirement
  • How to Promote Aging in Place: Family, Friend, and Community
  • Development and Reform of Old-age Policy
  • An International Comparison of Policies on Population Aging
  • The New Direction: Toward an Aging-Friendly City
  • How to Satisfy Silver Consumers: New Business Opportunities
  • Silver Technology: Innovations and Trends
  • The Silver Economy: Elderly as Producers and Consumers

Who Should Attend

Academic professionals, government employees, practitioners, and market analysts working in aging-related areas, and students.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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