Publication of Volume 45 of The Textile Museum Journal

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February 15, 2019
District Of Columbia, United States
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Dear Readers,


The Textile Museum at The George Washington University is excited to announce the publication of Volume 45 of The Textile Museum Journal.


Titled Draping the Middle Ages, this volume focuses on the adaptation of textile patterns in architecture, ceramics, metalwork, and manuscripts in the East and West during the Middle Ages. As coveted objects of trade and diplomatic gift exchange, textiles were widely distributed using the cross-cultural networks between Byzantium, the Islamic world, and East Asia. The portability of textile patterns, the adaptation of textile motifs in a variety of media, and the appropriation of textile forms and patterns from other cultural contexts are all discussed.

Four articles by respected scholars are:

  • Draping, Wrapping, Hanging: Transposing Textile Materiality in the Middle Ages (Patricia Blessing);
  • Gems in Cloth and Stone: Medium, Materiality, and the Late Antique Jeweled Aesthetic (Elizabeth Dospěl Williams);
  • Painted Silks: Form and Production of Women’s Court Dress in the Mongol Empire (Eiren L. Shea); and
  • Put a Bird on it: What an Aviary Preoccupation Reveals about Medieval Silks (Meredyth Lynn Winter).

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Established in 1962, The Textile Museum Journal promotes high-quality academic research on the textile arts. The journal is devoted to the presentation of scholarly articles and reviews concerning the cultural, technical, historical, and aesthetic significance of textiles. After a hiatus of more than 10 years, the journal resumed annual publication in 2017 as a digital journal with the generous support from The Markarian Foundation.


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Sumru Belger Krody

Senior Curator

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