Black women, Feminist Economics and Black Economic Thought: a postcolonial look

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September 9, 2019
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Race Studies, Social Sciences, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Black women, Feminist Economics and Black Economic Thought: a postcolonial look 

September 9th, Centre for Social Studies, 17h

* The seminar will be recorded

This seminar debates the often missing perspectives of black women in Feminist Economics field, despite of some efforts to address this issue (Brewer, 1999; Brewer, Conrad and King, 2002; Rio, 2012). Having this absence in mind, I argue that we need to analyse three specific issues: 1) the mismatch between struggle agendas as to white western women and black women from the South; 2) the way social and racial inequalities have been handled in academic theories on economics, particularly in political economy; 3) some clue about an agenda most in line with black women's concerns in the South besides the oft-repeated myth of development reaffirmed by multilateral agencies. This seminar also debates the need for a more specific framework in Postcolonial Economics and decolonial studies on the economy. 


Brewer, Rose; Conrad, Cecilia; King, Mary (2002) The complexities and potential of theorizing gender, caste, race, and class. Feminist Economics, 8 (2): 3-17

Brewer, Rose (1999) "Theorizing race, class and gender: the new scholarship of Black Feminist intellectuals and Black women's labor." Race, Gender & Class, 6 (2): 29-47

Rio, Cecilia (2012) "Whiteness in Feminist Economics: The Situation of Race in Household Bargaining Models and Its Influence in Feminist Economics." Critical Sociology, 38:5 (2012): 669-685.

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