2019 CFPR Training Program in Social Sciences - Quantitative Data Analysis I with SPSS

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Summer Program
April 29, 2019 to April 30, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology

SPSS is a major software of data analysis in social research. For researchers involved in collecting, processing, and modeling data from social research, this is a course that will teach them how to use SPSS from inputting and analyzing data, as well as interpreting and presenting results. The course is not only to teach the main technologies of using this software, but also to make sense of each specific procedure of analysis. Both the descriptive and inferential statistical methods are covered that can be used to analyze data relevant to the social research. The course highlights the hand-on pratice, in order to enhence learning experience and understanding of statistics.

Course Outline

  • The course is organized in two parts. 
  • Part I re-caps the fundamental principles of quantitative data analysis.
  • Part II is lab-based and focuses on hands-on sessions on SPSS.

Part I:

  • Topic 1 – Descriptive Statistics
  • Topic 2 – Central Limit Theorem
  • Topic 3 – Inferential Statistics
  • Topic 4 – Principles of Hypothesis Testing
  • Topic 5 –The Power of Sample Size

Part II:

  • Topic 1 – Data Entry in SPSS
  • Topic 2 – Descriptive Statistics in SPSS
  • Topic 3 – Point Estimators and Confidence Intervals in SPSS
  • Topic 4 – Bivariate Analysis I: Cross-tabulations and Oneway ANOVA
  • Topic 5 – Multivariate Analysis: Linear Regression Models

Who Should Attend

Executives, analysts and researchers who have an interest in learning and understanding quantitative data analysis methods and concepts using SPSS will benefit largely from this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


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