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Violence. A Journal is launching a call for papers on the theme “Perpetrating Violence”. This theme section will be coordinated by Sabrina MELENOTTE (IIAC / Violence and Exiting Violence Platform, Foundation Maison des sciences de l’homme).


For its general articles’ section, Violence. A Journal is also welcoming papers that deal with issues of violence and exiting violence. Each issue will be coordinated by its two Editors-in-Chief: Scott STRAUS (UW-Madison) and Michel WIEVIORKA (Foundation Maison des sciences de l’homme).

More information on the special feature and how to submit an article here:

Violence: A New Journal

Today, violence, in all its forms, constitutes a vast field of research in the social sciences.


The same is not true of preventing and exiting violence, which do not have their own well-structured space within the humanities. Much more empirical than theoretical, understanding of these issues is produced more by actors (NGOs, associations), experts, and practitioners than by social science scholars.


Violence. A Journal endeavors to gather together and support a large community of scholars and practitioners, focusing on two complementary yet distinct scientific and intellectual issues: the analysis of violence, in its diverse manifestations, and preventing and exiting violence.

In doing so, Violence. A Journal aims to develop understanding about violence, but also to build up a delineated field of research for preventing and exiting violence, with its contributions and debates.


Each issue will open with a series of general articles, which will be followed by a theme section, composed by articles, debates and interviews. Violence. A Journal will also make a special effort to link together research in the social sciences and other fields of knowledge, forging bonds with literary and artistic circles in particular, with contributions dealing with exiting violence through the lens of art.


Violence. A Journal has the ambition to reach a readership composed of academics, but also a larger audience, including the actors involved in preventing and exiting violence: NGOs, associations, politics, legal experts, and civil society. Articles for Violence. A Journal will nonetheless go through the usual process of academic journals. Once accepted by the Editorial Board, each article will be sent for peer-review. Changes may then be asked to the author.


Violence has been created in line with the activities of the Violence and Exiting Violence Platform, established in 2015 within the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme in Paris. The Platform brings together some three hundred scholars worldwide, with an international and cross-disciplinary focus. The journal will be published twice a year by Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme, and will be available in print in English and online in English and in French.

First issue: Fall 2019

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