Call for Papers – Nº 2/2019 Studies on the World of fish fauna: human and socio-economic relations in Europe over the history

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Call for Papers
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Animal Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Research and Methodology, World History / Studies

The fish fauna has been part of the daily life of the European populations from the beginning to the present day; Playing an important role in the development of economic activities (fisheries, industry, transport and trade), as well as in food, lifestyles, cultural and religious experiences of the communities over the history.

The main objective of this thematic dossier is to study the fauna of river and marine fish in Europe, as well as the different forms of exploitation and management of this natural resource. Another objective is to make known the fish species introduced and disseminated on the European continent coming from the new World, from the 15th century. This coincided with a time of economic and environmental collapse linked to the over-exploitation of natural resources such as fish throughout the Middle Ages, especially since the 13th century.

We intend to analyze the development of economic activities related to fish, as well as conflicts and socio-economic, fiscal and environmental impacts. In relation to these points of reflection, observe what were the measures and the solutions adopted by the communities to address these problems, in particular of supply.

Finally, we propose hypotheses, reflections and new challenges for the development of historical knowledge related to the exploitation and organization of fish resources. In this sense, our ambition provides answers to the current problems between society and the natural environment, in this particular case, the ichthyological resources, through the knowledge of our past to understand our present. In short, we aim to reflect on how european human communities relate to fish fauna up until now.

With this thematic dossier, we are pleased to invite specialists from various scientific fields, in particular social sciences and humanities (history, economics, law, geography, sociology, literature, etc.) with the aim of collecting different sources and methodologies as well as providing new interdisciplinary and intercurricular research.







In this regard, we present the following thematic axes:


  • Fish fauna: identification and description of European fluvial and marine species, as well as the introduction of new species from the new world, thanks to the expansion, discovery and colonization movements.


  • Circulation and transfer of knowledge related to fish fauna.


  • Economic activities related to the exploitation and management of fish resources: fishing, industry, transport, local, national and international trade.
  • Supply: food and consumption.


  • Art and religion: artistic representations, symbologies, etc


  • Heritage and tourism


An article proposal (in Italian, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and a short CV of the author (maximum 1 page) should be sent to the Director of PROGRESSUS ( and to the theme number coordinator, Alice Tavares (

The abstracts will be submitted to an initial evaluation by the editorial board of the journal.
Contributions must not exceed 40,000 characters (including spaces) and will be submitted to the "Double blind Peer review" process.




Submission of proposals - until 30 April
Notification of acceptance - 30 May
Submission of articles - 30 September







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Alice Tavares holds a PhD in History, Medieval Age specialty, at the University of Lisbon (Portugal). I also hold a Master in Regional and Local History and I graduated in History at the College of Letters of the University of Lisbon. My two-thesis devoted to Common Law in the Middle Age. Besides she got the Homologation of the Degree in History by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon to the Official Spanish University Degree in History by the Ministry of Education and Science - General Technical Secretariat. Subdirectorate General of Titles, Convalidations and Homologations.


Currently, Alice Tavares is a research in History the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon (IEM-FSCH/NOVA) based at the Medieval Studies Institute.

I was involved in many national and international research projects, as a project, partner in the framework of the Horizon Research and Innovation Program (H2020, Work Programme Part: Smart, green and integrated transport) of the European Comission and national programs. I worked in very projects about Heritage; merchants, networks business, culture and art Sephardic Jewish; Local and National Justice in The Middle Age and Early Modern Age. Your last project was about the múdejar in Portugal (architecture and historical perception), of Instituto de Estudios Turolenses (Teruel, Aragón - Spain).

I was publishing books chapters and articles in peer reviewed journals (Scopus/Web of Science), dictionary and catalogue entries, reviews in Portugal Spain, Brazil, Chile and Italy about animals (birds, fisheries, transport animals), Sephardic Jewish and Common Law. I have very interesting nacional and internacional dissemination of my research. I was also collaborated with journals and the Blog, Lugares con Historia. Since 2017, I’m Scientific Correspondent in the Progressus Journal (Siena, Italy), Rivista di Storia – Scrittura e Società and since 2019, I have been part to editorial comitte of this Journal.

My researches lines: Medieval History, Environmental/Zoo History, Urban History, Sephardic Jewish, Heritage.









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