Experiential Design – creating cities and spaces for health and wellbeing

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January 16, 2020
Florida, United States
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Health and Health Care, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work

The World Health Organization considers questions like the global increase in dementia as issues that can be tackled, in part, through design. The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research underlines how environments can actively exclude whole sections of society by design itself. The World Institute of Psychology identifies multiple links between mood, behavior and the objects we interact with daily.

This conference and its publications are premised on the belief that health professionals,enviornmental psychologists and social workers need to better understand and collaborate more closely with the designers, architects and planners who create the spaces and products and people need and use daily, whether that be: our hospitals and schools; the interior environments of offices, homes and public buildings; the streets of our cities; or the products and furniture we employ for assistance or general use.

On that basis it brings together people from this diverse range of fields into open dialogue.

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CONFERENCE: Experiential Design – Rethinking relations between people, objects and environments

ABSTRCTS: 20 June 2019 | Dates: 16-17 January 2020 | Place: Florida State University


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