Publishing Feminisms at the National Women's Studies Association Conference

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Call for Papers
November 14, 2019 to November 17, 2019
California, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Literature, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Race Studies

Publishing Feminisms is a working group that draws together feminist scholars and practitioners who are working on a variety of linked projects related to publishing, periodicals, and print culture in and beyond feminism’s second wave. This group plans to sponsor at least one panel at the 2019 National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference (Nov. 14-17 in San Francisco) and invites proposals related to the interest group that engage the conference theme “Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing” and one of the subthemes listed below. 

If interested, please send a paper title, a 50-100 word abstract, and a brief cv by February 10 to Agatha Beins at

Call for Papers #1: Feminist Publishing Across/Crossing Borders
(Subtheme five: Trans*/Trans- Feminist Futures)
Taking up this subtheme’s broad understanding of  “trans*” and “trans,” this panel invites you to consider the practices and products of feminist publishing as sites of transformation to bring about a “trans* / feminist futurity.” How does feminist publishing take on injustice, violence, and oppression in modes of production and textual/digital artifacts? How have activists and communities used publishing to illuminate subaltern histories and envision justice in radical ways? What qualities might make publishing especially useful for coalition building and community making?

Call for Papers #2: Feminist Print Cultures out of Bounds
(Subtheme six: Spatial Politics / Transgressing Borders)
Our published texts—whether virtual, in paper, or in another form—hold a broad spatial history through their modes of production and as they circulate to different readers. Their content also invites movement into and out of different narrative, affective, geographical, and imaginary places. In the spirit of questioning the formation and significance of borders, this panel explores how feminist publishing allows us to grapple with the power dynamics embedded and produced in different kinds of crossings. 

Call for Papers #3: Print Objects: Resisting the Status Quo in Feminist Publishing
(Subtheme seven: Art, Performance, Literary and Visual Culture)
This subtheme brings up the importance of cultural processes and artifacts for catalyzing “radical sites for translocal resistance and rising.” To this end, we want to consider the long history and vibrant present that feminist activists and artists have developed with print culture, including but not limited to books, pamphlets, zines, periodicals, blogs, feminist presses, and textbooks. How has feminist print culture been a site for illuminating, questioning, and challenging the status quo? This panel could also explore how feminist publishing has shifted across time and space, pushing its own boundaries and borders through technological change and imaginative reconception of existing technologies.

Call for Papers #4: Building Worlds in Print
(Subtheme eight: Politics of Knowledge)
Imperialist colonialist projects have taken advantage of print artifacts to deepen their hold on their seized territories. The Bible, for example, still travels transnationally, its narratives providing justification for material and epistemic violence and for “civilizing” non-Christian peoples. Yet, published texts have also been a tool these communities used to survive violence as well as a medium that enables groups to come together in solidarity, to resist and confront imperialism, to preserve subaltern stories and histories, to celebrate the beauty of the world, and to present “new ways of knowing justice.” This panel considers publishing as a knowledge project, so we invite papers that explore the oppressive and liberating potentials of texts.

Call for Papers #5: Open Call. Prospective panelists are encouraged to submit short abstracts and titles of papers on any topic that might appeal to members of the NWSA Publishing Feminisms special interest group.

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