Mark Twain Circle, CFP for MLA 2020, Seattle January 9-12

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Call for Papers
March 20, 2019
Illinois, United States
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American History / Studies, Literature

Mark Twain Circle Panel for MLA 2020, Seattle January 9-12. 

Mark Twain and Globalism

Although Mark Twain is often characterized as a quintessentially American writer, he is almost as frequently noted as a citizen of the world. The Mark Twain Circle seeks proposals for papers that investigate Twain’s writings in a transnational context, interpreting representations of the American and the Other in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, international politics, and cultural contact.

MLA requires that presenters be members of MLA at the time of the panel’s submission to the program. We also encourage panelists to become members of the Mark Twain Circle. We are especially eager to receive submissions from emerging scholars and members of underrepresented groups. 

Send proposals to by March 15, 2019


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Larry Howe, president, Mark Twain Circle of America

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