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June 23, 2019
California, United States
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British History / Studies, Film and Film History, Literature, Teaching and Learning

The Dickens Project is pleased to announce two summer seminar opportunities, the NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers, "Reimagining Jane Eyre and Great Expectations: Teaching Literature through Adaptation," and the Nineteenth-Century Seminar. Please see below for details:


NEH Summer Seminar for School Teacher:
"Reimagining Jane Eyre and Great Expectations: Teaching Literature through Adaptation

Using two case studies--Jane Eyre and Great Expectations--this three-week seminar at UC Santa Cruz explores various ways teachers can use literary imitations to engage students in the processes of engaged reading and creative expression. Drawing on cutting-edge scholarship, the seminar showcases the ways in which the informed study of adaptations can enhance the development of core skills in the areas of critical reading, analytical reasoning, argumentative writing, and creative production. By bringing adaptations into the classroom conversation, teachers can promote active literacy, encouraging students to speak not only about but also to the texts they study. Please see our website for more details: https://teachers.ucsc.edu


The Nineteenth-Century Seminar:

The Nineteenth-Century Seminar offers a unique research opportunity for Victorianist faculty and graduate students whose colleges and universities are not currently institutional members of the Dickens Project Consortium. The seminar is a working group of scholars led by two faculty members affiliated with the Dickens Project. Any 'independent' faculty member or graduate student who wishes to attend the Dickens Universe is eligible to apply. Please see our website for more details: https://dickens.ucsc.edu/universe/seminars/19Csem.html

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