Ecological revolutions, settlement, population and economy in preindustrial world

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October 14, 2017
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Geography, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies

C4P for a thematic session at the International Congress of Historical Geographers in Warsaw, July 2018

The concept of ecological revolution understood as a change in material environment (landscape, structures of dominant ecosystems, plant and animal species, and their mutual relationships) gives an opportunity to take a fresh look at the problem of economic turning points and crises in the past. Traditional approaches adopted by settlement historians, economic historians and historical demographers can be enriched by interdisciplinary studies of natural environment evolution based on sources beyond the canons of historical research. The aim of this session is to present the latest findings in the studies on relations between environment change and socio-economic change in various historical periods, especially the preindustrial era.

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Adam Izdebski, Jagiellonian University in Krakow/Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

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